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NETWORK Newsletter

NETWORK: News, Views and Reviews in systemic linguistics and related areas.

This page will provide links to scanned copies of the original NETWORK newsletter.  The newsletter was launched in APRIL 1981,

The aim of the newsletter, as stated in the first issue, was:

“to provide a fairly informal forum for a number of different types of people with interests in systemic linguistics. We hope it will enable us to keep in touch, both with each other and with current activities that are relevant to systemic linguistics. The work that we report will be both theoretical and applied, and we shall interpret ‘relevant to systemic linguistics’ in a broad sense, so as to include work in the broad Firthian tradition that is not explicitly systemic and work done in other frameworks that shows some type of parallel to systemic work.”
[Robin Fawcett, APRIL 1981]

Network 1 – April 1981. This issue gives a nice snapshot of what was happening in systemic linguistics in 1980, including the 7th International Systemic Workshop which was held at Sheffield University. It  also includes reviews of publications and forthcoming events.

Network 2 – June 1981 This issue includes a paper by Margaret Berry, 1981. Towards Layers of Exchange Structure for Directive Exchanges.

Network 3 – April 1982.  Among many other things, Barry Calder offers his ‘A View from the Floor’, which summarises his experience of attending the 1981 International Systemic Workshop, held at the University of Birmingham.

Network 4 – 1983 – 1983

Network 5 – June 1983 – June 1983

Network 6 – April 1984 – April 1984

Network 7 – March 1985

Network 8 – June 1985

Network 9 – May 1986

Network 10 – June 1986

Network 11-12 – 1987-88

Network 13-14-1989-90

Network 15 – 1990

Network 16 – March 1991

Network 17 – October 1991

Network 18 – March 1992

Network 19 – End of 1992

Network 20 – March 1993

Network 21 – October 1993