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LinC summer school

11 June 2014

We are offering two courses: one in Corpus Linguistics and one that is an introduction to systemic functional linguistics.

Outline for the course in Corpus Linguistics

Gerard O’Grady: 
Marking up a spoken corpus using Praat software?

Gill Francis: 
Directions of change in verb patterns

Geoff Thompson:
SFL and corpora: how do we match meanings and strings?

Serge Sharoff: 
The dimensions of genre classification and annotation practice for large corpora.

Stella Neumann:
Why use statistics in corpus studies, plus workshop using R.

Mick O’Donnell:
New features in the UAM CorpusTool

Ben Clarke:
Context and Corpus and workshop in using Elan

Outline for the Introduction to Systemic Functional Linguistics

Tom Bartlett: 
Experiential Meaning

Lise Fontaine:
Interpersonal Meaning

Geoff Thompson:
Textual Meaning

Mick O’Donnell:
Introduction to using the UAM CorpusTool

Lise Fontaine:
The nominal group and working out internal group structures

Tom Bartlett:
Applying Systemic Functional Linguistics

We are still accepting abstract submissions for the poster session, see the website for details.