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2018 LinC Summer School and Workshop

The next summer school and workshop will be held September 3-7 2018 at RWTH Aachen in Aachen, Germany. Yes, that’s right the LinC summer school is going on the road!

Programme Outline

Details and abstracts to follow soon.

Introduction to SFL

  • Introduction to SFL: Mood & Theme (Stella Neumann and Gerard O’Grady)
  • Introduction to SFL: Transitivity & Logico-semantic relations (Rebekah
  • Introduction to SFL: Analyses & Results in context (Rebekah Wegener and Stella Neumann)

Advanced SFL programme

Advanced SFL: Transitivity (Tom Bartlett)
Advanced SFL: The Nominal group in context (Lise Fontaine)
Advanced SFL: Architectures for linguistic models (Mick O’Donnell)

Special Interest workshops

Morning programme:

  • Intonation (Gerard O’Grady)
  • Prosody in Context (Stefan Baumann)

Afternoon programme:

  • Register and context (Stella Neumann)
  • Special Interest Topic TBC: (Elke Teich)
  • Register, Context and language learning (Elma Kerz)
  • Registerial variation and multimodality: concepts and methods (John Bateman)
  • Instantiation and the reach of context (Wendy Bowcher)
  • SFL architecture: context, semantics, and the notion of textual instantiation (Erich Steiner)
  • Special Interest Topic TBC: (Miriam Taverniers)
  • Statistics for register studies I (Stefan Evert)
  • Statistics for register studies II (Stefan Evert)

You can register your interest now by emailing – places are limited.

More detail will be posted soon on the RWTH Aachen University website (click here).

View the summer school poster2018 here.


[updated November 9 2017]


If you want to contact us about the summer school, please email me at or use the form below.