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LinC Summer School 2012

2 April 2012

This post is an update on the summer school programme for both the introductory and applied courses. An outline of both courses is given below followed by funding opportunities for attending the summer school.


Sheena Gardner, Geoff Thompson, Mick O’Donnell, Izaskun Elorza, Blanca García-Riaza, Claire Acevedo, Margaret Berry, Alan Hess, Lise Fontaine, Tom Bartlett and Gerard O’Grady

Provisional Programme

Introductory Courseclick here for session descriptions
The Introductory Course in SFL will introduce participants to the basics of SFL with a particular focus on clausal analysis. There will be sessions on each of the three metafunctions – the experiential, the interpersonal and the textual – as well as sessions discussing how the metafunctions combine to make multi-stranded meaning and on potential applications of the approach. The programme is set up to provided a paired lecture and workshop dedicated to each topic, which provides the opportunity to gain hands-on practical experience in analysing grammar. The programme also introduces the UAM CorpusTool for those who are interested in learning to use it.

  • Introduction to SFL (Lise Fontaine)
  • Experiential Meaning (Tom Bartlett)
  • Experiential Meaning workshop (Tom Bartlett)
  • Interpersonal Meaning (Geoff Thompson and Lise Fontaine)
  • Workshop on Interpersonal Meaning, introducing the UAM CorpusTool (Mick O’Donnell and Lise Fontaine)
  • Textual and information Meaning (Gerard O’Grady)
  • Workshop on Textual and information Meaning (Gerard O’Grady)
  • Summary Session: the full analysis and applications (Tom Bartlett and Gerard O’Grady)

Applied Courseclick here for session descriptions
The applied course assumes a good foundation in SFL and is suited for people interested in applying SFL to educational settings. The sessions in the applied course are varied, providing a range of knowledge and experience in applying SFL to educational settings.

  • Exploring university student writing through the BAWE corpus (Sheena Gardner)
  • Teaching ‘reported speech’: From a formal to a systemic approach (Izaskun Elorza and Blanca García-Riaza)
  • Interpersonal choices in the construction of the reader-in-the-text (Geoff Thompson)
    Classroom discourse analysis (Mick O’Donnell)
  • Analysis using the UAM CorpusTool (Mick O’Donnell)
  • The Reading to Learn literacy acceleration program (Claire Acevedo)
  • Integrating SFL in education: presentations and open discussion (Alan Hess and Margaret Berry)

Funding Opportunities

The funding for staff or students from eligible institutions outside Europe is now up to a maximum of £1200. Funding for staff or students from eligible institutions inside Europe remains up to a maximum of £700. Summer School registration costs of £120 will be paid from the bursaries. Eligible institutions are those from institutions in the Banco de Santander universities network.
For more information, please consult this following website.

Those eligible for the funding should send a CV and covering letter, stating how much funding is being sought and how this money will be used. Please email your application us here.