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How does Language Work?

17 May 2013

The How Does Language Work? Conference will be held at Aston University, Thursday 27th June and/or Friday 28th June, 2013.

I’ll be teaching there on Friday June 28th, where I will be giving a session on the noun phrase (nominal group) and focussing specifically on the role of nominalisation.

My collegues Tom Bartlett and Gerard O’Grady will also be taking part. Tom will examine the clause as a pattern of wording built around a verb and how they can be combined to expand meaning potential. Gerard will explore Halliday’s notion of “theme”.

We’re really exciting about taking part in this – it looks like a great event and a great opportunity to really engage with teachers who have such an important impact on students’ understanding of how language works. The aim of this conference is to help “move learners from everyday language to the academic language needed to succeed”.

Here is he full list of speakers:
Professor J R Martin, University of Sydney (Australia)
Associate Professor Sue Hood, University of Technology (Australia)
Tom Bartlett, Cardiff University (UK)
Lise Fontaine, Cardiff University (UK)
Gerard O’Grady, Cardiff University (UK)
Geoff Thompson, University of Liverpool (UK)
Brian Dare, Director of Lexis Education and international consultant for language and literacy

For more information see the conference website: <a href=””