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Discovering patterns

9 August 2010

Dr Mick O’Donnell will be giving a talk in CLCR on September 22nd, 2010. Details below.

Discovering meaningful patterns in text using UAM CorpusTool

The recent availability of free and relatively accurate
syntactic parsers
for English have opened up new possibilities for text analysis. This
talk will demonstrate
how UAM CorpusTool can be used to explore grammatical patterns in English texts.
For instance, the software can present views of the occurrences of
Modality, Tense/Aspect,
Voice, Process Types, etc. throughout a text, allowing you to perceive
patterns in the
text not immediately visible to a casual reader. Intermixing manual
annotation with the automatic
syntactic annotation allow other patterns to be revealed, for
instance, whether particular
characters in the text are construed as doers, as sayers, as thinkers,
etc. The use of the
software for quick studies of Register differentiation will also be

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2.15pm
Cardiff University
Humanities Building
room 5.18