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Comic Books project

5 June 2013

Comic Books project with Cardiff University

The Centre for Language and Communication Research (CLCR) is delighted to announce that the HIV/AIDS education comic stories produced in South Africa as a result of Dr Lisa El Refaie‘s research into metaphor and autobiographical comics can now be viewed at

Whizzkids United (WKU) teamed up with CLCR and ENCAP at Cardiff Universityfor a youth development workshop at the WKU Health Academy. 29 boys and girls attended the workshop and participated in the activities, which included ‘Tree-of-Life’ sessions, team building games and a comic strip workshop, which helped the youth to express their feelings and communicate about challenges in their lives.

At the end of the workshop all participants had gained confidence, made new friends, received a certificate, and produced a great piece of comic work. ENCAPtook the comics and had them produced professionally so they could be shared with our global supporters.

Please visit the page to see what fabulous work was done in Kwa-zulu Natal by teenagers with or at risk of HIV, using Lisa‘s research.

If you know anyone who is involved in world health work, HIV education, or in telling stories through comics, please tell them about this project and ask them to pass the word around.

This has been a wonderful team effort and many thanks are due to:

  • Lisa El Refaie for the original research and for designing the training materials
  • Upside Comics and Ian Williams for expert input on materials
  • Marcus McGilvray, Ben Edwards and many members of the Whizzkids United (WKU) Health Academy team in Edendale, South Africa for delivering the materials there (Marcus has also delivered the workshops in Ghana)
  • The teenagers who produced the cartoons
  • Steve Marchant for making the booklet so professional and colourful
  • Nathan Heslop in ENCAP for creating the booklet and pdfs for us
  • Stefan Kunze of WKU for putting the website together
  • Sponsors of the WKU and the workshops including Meal a DayLiverpool FC Foundation and Bic
  • Stephen Rouse and the Cardiff Impact team and for practical and financial support.
  • The ENCAP Impact team, esp Frances Rock for lots of advice, Julie Alford and Rebecca Galimberti for scanning and saving images, and Nathan Heslop and Dean Burnett for ensuring they were readable.