Posted on 31 August 2011 by Lise

iGE: the interactive Grammar of English Available for: iPhone 3 and 4, iPod Touch, iPad UCL has launched an app for iphone, ipad and related products. They describe iGE as a complete grammar of the English Language, specifically designed for mobile devices. The app offers: An extensive glossary helps you make sense of grammatical terms.
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Attitudes to Language

Posted on 18 January 2011 by Lise

Garrett, Peter. 2010. Attitudes to Language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press One of my colleagues, Professor Peter Garrett recently published a book on attitudes to language. It has been reviewed on Linguist List and you can read the review here. The frontmatter from Cambridge describes the book as follows: Just about everyone seems to have views
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Popular Linguistics

Posted on 16 January 2011 by Lise

This new magazine looks great! Popular Linguistics Magazine I’ve copied the editor’s introduction to the magazine here (taken from here): Welcome to the first issue of Popular Linguistics Magazine, everyone! written by DS Bigham, Editor Over the last few years, I’ve been thinking a lot about the public perception of linguistics and language research. I’ve
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Posted on 30 August 2010 by Lise

the Process Type Database The Process Type Database (PTDB) can be a very useful resource for analysing process types and participant roles. It was developed by Amy Neale and she has made this database available for consultation by people interested in seeing how it is possible to analyse a large number (c.5400) of Verb Senses
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Some online publications

Posted on 29 July 2010 by Lise

I dug out a few old articles and added them to my website. If you can read French, the paper I did on Napoléon’s letters to Joséphine is fun. It deals with variation in person reference, specifically variation in vous-forms: ‘Napoléon dans ses lettres à Joséphine: quand il la traite de vous‘.
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Posted on 27 July 2010 by Lise

I follow VisualThesaurus on Twitter and just saw a tweet about their new tool – VocabGrabber. It looks very good! “VocabGrabber analyzes any text you’re interested in, generating lists of the most useful vocabulary words and showing you how those words are used in context. Just copy text from a document and paste it into
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Cognitive Linguistics

Posted on 9 July 2010 by Lise

3rd UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference Just came back from the UK cognitive linguistics conference. It was my first cognitive linguistics conference. There were many parallel sessions so unfortunately it was impossible to attend everything that looked interesting but what I did attend was very good. Michelle and I had a relatively small turn out for
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Learn Welsh

Posted on 30 June 2010 by Lise

Say Something in Welsh A free online language course for Welsh learners. It looks really good! Here’s the link: Say Something in Welsh
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Posted on 30 June 2010 by Lise

Voices of the UK – They’ve gone and put it in the Oxford English Dictionary, innit. This is a nice discussion of i(s)n(‘t) it and how it is now “included in the September 2009 online update of the Oxford English Dictionary”. innit
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Cardiff Keystroke Project

Posted on 15 June 2010 by Lise

I have been wanting to do research looking at actual keystrokes in spontaneous language production for several years. I was blocked by IT security issues until last year when I discovered InputLog, a tool developed by researchers for researchers that that logs keyboard and mouse input. Over this academic year (2009 – 2010), I have
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