Month: December 2014

New writing project

Posted on 16 December 2014 by Lise

I’d just like to announce that I’ve set up a blog for the writing project we’ve been developing for some time. This project aims to study literacy acquisition and competence by developing student engagement in digitally produced writing and by examining the role of keyboard skills and certain grammar constructions in literacy development. The research team is
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Looking good: Can function follow form?

Posted on 5 December 2014 by Lise

A research seminar given by Professor Theo van Leeuwen (University of Southern Denmark in Odense) December 10th  13.10-14.00, in room 2.01, John Percival Building, Cardiff University Today, writing must do more than communicate, it must also ‘look good’. New technologies provide templates for a wide range of document genres which all focus on presentation rather than
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Ethics of Online Research Methods – CFP

Posted on 1 December 2014 by Lise

CALL FOR PAPERS The Ethics of Online Research Methods ​Cardiff University, 16-17 April, 2015 Today, more than ever, data are widely accessible, visible, and searchable for research in digital media contexts. At the same time, new data types and collection methods challenge existing approaches to research ethics and raise significant and difficult questions for researchers
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