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Westlaw’s new Jurisdictional View

20 December 2011

Westlaw UK has reorgansied it Legislation database by the addition of a ‘Jurisdictional View’ feature which means that the Browse section of the Legislation database is now arranged by jurisdiction – UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (fully consolidated Northern Irish legislation has been added to Westlaw UK) and then broken down into the type of legislation available in those jurisdictions.

Furthermore, when looking at a piece of legislation, where a provision varies between jurisdictions in the UK, an information message is displayed at the top of the provision/document indicating the presence of different versions for different jurisdictions. The parrallel provisions are seperated on the page by tabs labelling each accordingly.

Where there is a difference in a provision between jurisdictions status icons will indicate a difference in law between jurisdictions. If a law is in force in one jurisdiction and repealed in another, you will see the ‘partially in force’ icon.

For an example of a piece of legislation which is different in England and Wales and therefore displays the new functionality, see the Town and Country Planning (Applications) Regulations 1988, SI 1988/1812 reg 3.