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Westlaw UK Appeal Status Tracker

30 August 2011

Westlaw UK has added an Appeal Status Tracker which enables users to track cases on appeal to the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) or the Supreme Court.

With the Appeal Status Tracker comes a new “Appeal Outstanding” status icon which will appear next to search results and at the top of Cases Analysis Documents so that you can instantly tell if a case has an appeal in progress. The icon will sit alongside any exisitng status icon, but will be removed once there is an outcome to the appeal.

Within the Case Analysis Document there will be a new “Appellate History & Status” section, within which you can find the direct, reported progress of the decision through to appeal, with cases displayed in chronological order.

Once the appeal judgment has been received it will be published on Westlaw UK with the citations replacing the appeal status entry. You will also see the information appear in the “Graphical History” chart of a Case Analysis Document.

For an example of a case which has Appeal Status Tracker information, see X v Mid Sussex Citizens Advice Bureau [2011] EWCA Civ 28