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My Westlaw UK and My Folders

1 February 2012

Westlaw have launched two new features for Westlaw UK users.

My Westlaw UK will allow users to set up an individual profile that allows you to access and receive:

  • Alerts – from over 100 pre-selected subject areas (remember that LexisLibrary – – also provide alerts and scheduled searches)
  • RSS Feeds – daily RSS feeds on the subject areas you are interested in.
  • Research Trails – enables you to retrace your steps taken in previous research sessions.

At the same time, users who create a My Westlaw UK profile will also be able to access Westlaw’s “My Folders” which enables you to store and organise all your legal research on Westlaw UK. Therefore, with My Folders you can store case reports, legislation, journal articles, pages of books, etc in folders with the material remaining  up-to-date even after being saved.

In order to use My Westlaw UK and My Folders you will first need to create a Westlaw UK profile. When you access Westlaw UK using the off-campus link you should see a “Log in to My Westlaw UK Profile” pop up box .  To create a profile click on ‘Create Profile’ at the bottom of the box and follow the steps.  There is more guidance on how to create a My Westlaw UK profile (with pictures) on the second page of the factsheet for My Westlaw UK –

If you do not want to create a profile or you are in a hurry and just want to access the database then you can choose the ‘Skip’ option.  If you never want to see the pop up box again you can tick the box that says ‘Don’t show me this page again’.

Please note that in the future when you log in to My Westlaw UK as well as being asked for your Email and My Westlaw UK Password you will also be asked for a Client ID. You must enter something in the client ID field, however, it can be anything, for example, Cardiff.

Pages 13 and 15 of the Westlaw UK User Guide include further information on how to create a My Westlaw UK profile and set up alerts and RSS feeds on Westlaw UK –

Further information on the My folders functionality, including how to set up folders and store material can be found in the My Folders factsheet – and also within Westlaw UK by clicking on ‘Help’ followed by ‘My Folders’.