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Music Library TRUE STORIES No.1

9 September 2010

A few weeks ago, we got a frantic call from one of our students whose suitcase (containing several library books due the next day) was stolen off the train. We commiserated and reassured the student, and then we renewed the books.

(On a side note, I’d just like to say that I’m with David Mitchell on this one: )

Not half an hour later we received another call, this time from the police. They had found a suitcase which contained books from the Cardiff University Music Library and wondered if we could find out who owned the books so that they could return the suitcase.

Mary (our only full-time staff member and mumsy friend to all of the students) happened to have the girl’s mobile number. Mary connected the student to the police, and the girl got her luggage back.

Now how’s that for value-added service?

(DISCLAIMER: We cannot provide stolen goods retrieval service more than once every 50 years. The oracle has proclaimed it so.)

Moral to the story? When in doubt, you can always call the library at 02920 870 793 or email us at to renew your books. You can also renew them yourself using Voyager. Please ask a library staff member for help with setting up your own Voyager PIN.