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FOLLOW-ME Printing and Copying – Guide

26 September 2012

Follow @cardiffunilib on Twitter, and check out the #FOLLOWMEprinting hashtag to see tips on how to print and copy. Here’s a step-by-step to submitting your print job:

  • On a university computer, send your document to the FOLLOW-ME print queue. To be green and save money, printing defaults to grayscale and 2-sided.
  • To change the settings, click ‘Printer Properties’. You can then change ‘Grayscale’ to ‘Auto color’, and ‘2-sided’ to 1-sided’.
  • Log in to any FOLLOW-ME printer/copier to release your print job. You’ll find them near the computers in libraries across the university.
  • We recommend you log in to the FOLLOW-ME printer/copiers using your ID card. You can use username and password, but it takes longer!
  • Go to a FOLLOW-ME printer/copier, enter your username and password, then swipe your card.
  • To release a print job from a FOLLOW-ME printer/copier, log in, press ‘Release’, select your documents, and press the start button.
  • To photocopy on a FOLLOW-ME printer/copier, log in, then use the copying features on the touchscreen. Like printing, it defaults to 2-sided.
  • You can print to a FOLLOW-ME printer/copier from home, or your laptop, or from anywhere. Go to , then ‘webPrint’.
  • Your FOLLOW-ME print jobs will be held for four hours, after which they will be deleted if you don’t release them. You won’t be charged!

If you have any questions about using the FOLLOW-ME print system, just ask any member of library staff.

Follow @cardiffunilib on Twitter, and check out the #FOLLOWMEprinting hashtag to see tips on how to print and copy.

You can also read our other blog post to see how the new printing and copying system can benefit you: /library/follow_me_printing_and_copying2