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_lognosticsSSLA1980-2010-4-3 The _lognostics site is designed to provide access to up to date research tools for people working in the field of Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition. The site was developed as is maintained by Paul Meara. The image above is an example of a lognostics co-citation map which displays the vocabulary related papers published in Studies in Second Language Acquisition between 1980 and 2010. 128 authors are cited in at least four papers in this data set. Their work falls into three main clusters, with an additional four unconnected singletons. For more information click here
(developed by Marian Doerk and Dawn Knight)
The WordWanderer is a prototype visualization technique that extends tag clouds into a navigational interface for text. The tool supports the gradual movement between word context views, which represent the words co-occurring in the proximity of the selected word, and word-comparison views, which arrange words based on their association strengths between two selected words. We report on the encouraging feedback from a ten-day deployment of the interface and present promising directions for future design and research.
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