Past events: 2016

Lexical Studies Conference 2016

The 2016 Lexical Studies conference took place on 9th -11th March, at St Michael’s College in Cardiff. A final programme for this conference can be found here and a book of abstracts can be found here

Keynote speakers:

Emma Marsden, University of York

Open science, pre-registration and multi-site replication in SLA research: A case study investigating attention to form during comprehension in Spanish L2

(Thursday 10th March, 10.00-11.00)

Kevin Donnelly, Free Software developer and CorCenCC project consultant
What’s the point of linguists?

(Thursday 10th March, 16.15-17.00)

Paul Rayson, Lancaster University
Speeding up the development of multilingual semantic lexicons

(Friday 11th March, 15.00-16.00)

Occasional Papers in Lexical Studies series

2 December (12.10-1pm in room 0.36 John Percival Building) Irina Elgort (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)Effects of two types of elaboration on contextual word learning in English as a second language by Chinese and Dutch speakers
1 December(11.10-12pm in room 1.31 John Percival Building) John Racine (Dokkyo University, Japan and Cardiff University, UK)Cognitive Processes and Priming in L2 Word Association
28 October (4.30-5.30 in room 3.66 John Percival Building) Andrés Canga Alonso (La Rioja University, Spain)Lexical Availability
15 October (12.00-1pm in room 1.45 John Percival Building) Ahlam Bouirane (PhD student in Setif University, Algeria)The Role of Integrating Various Patterns of Activity Sequencing in Promoting Vocabulary Knowledge

The programme for the Centre for Language and Communication research seminar series for 2015-2016 can be found here.