Welcome to the Lexical Studies research group page. The Lexical Studies research group is led by Tess Fitzpatrick, Dawn Knight, Paul Meara and Alison Wray.

This site aims to bring together members of staff, students and affiliated researchers who work in the broad areas of lexical research and lexical perspectives on language issues. Specific interests of the group include topics such as vocabulary processing, assessment of vocabulary knowledge, second language acquisition, lexical acquisition and attrition in L1 or L2, lexical features of communication disorders, corpus linguistics, formulaic language, and lexical perspectives on other specialist topics researched in CLCR, e.g. forensic linguistics, organisational discourse, systemic functional linguistics. This research group exists as a virtual network, consisting not only of current students, but also of post-doctoral researchers and scholars with an established reputation in vocabulary studies.

On this website you will find the following:

  • Events (including conferences and the annual Lexical Studies Month)
  • Details of recent publications from staff in the Centre for Language and Communication Research and the Lexical Studies Group at Cardiff University
  • Copies of the monthly Lexical Studies newsletter
  • Profiles of staff and student members of the group
  • More information about the PhD in Lexical Studies at Cardiff University
  • Useful websites and links