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Special Announcement: Rick Iedema on 27th March

15 February 2019

As some of you may be aware, Professor Rick Iedema (Director of the Centre for Team-based Practice & Learning in Health Care, King’s College London) is visiting the Centre for Language and Communication Research (ENCAP), on 27th March 2019.

Rick will be giving a Research Seminar as part of the CLCR Seminar Series, entitled “Why video-reflexive ethnography? On (healthcare) complexity, feedback & learning”. See the abstract here. The seminar is from 12.10-1pm, in room 3.58, John Percival Building.

We are thrilled that Rick has also agreed to follow the seminar with a more informal Q&A session on Video-Reflexive Ethnography with members of LEDS and others who may be interested to attend. This informal Q&A will take place as an Extraordinary Session of LEDS, from 2.10-3pm on 27th March, in room 1.57, John Percival Building.

Rick is renowned for his ethnographic work in healthcare settings, spanning the disciplines of linguistics, healthcare, and organisation studies. His theoretical contributions, such as on the topic of resemiotisation, have had a great influence on many linguistic ethnographers. We are very excited to welcome Rick and to have this opportunity to engage with his work. In preparation, we will be discussing Chapter 1 of his recent co-authored publication about video-reflexive ethnography in our LEDS session on 20th March.