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Special Announcement: Ben Rampton on 11 December

22 November 2019

We are excited to welcome one of Linguistic Ethnography’s best-known figures, Professor Ben Rampton (Professor of Applied and Socio-Linguistics at King’s College London), to Cardiff on 11th December and to the LEDS group. 

Ben is visiting the Centre for Language and Communication Research (ENCAP) and will give a Research Seminar on the topic of ”Sociolinguistic Citizenship” as part of the CLCR Seminar Series. See the abstract here. The seminar is from 12.10-1.00pm on 11th December, in Room 3.62, John Percival Building.

We are thrilled that Ben has also agreed to follow the seminar with a more informal Q&A session on Linguistic Ethnography with members of LEDS, and others who may be interested to attend. This informal Q&A will take place as an Extraordinary Session of LEDS, from 2.15 -3.30pm on 11th December, in Room 2.46, John Percival Building.

Ben is renowned for his extensive work which combines linguistics and ethnography to examine topics such as urban multilingualism, language, youth, popular culture, ethnicities and class, language education and classroom discourse and second language learning.  Ben is one of the founding members of the Linguistic Ethnography Forum, and he has made a major intellectual and practical contribution to the establishment and development of the sub-field of linguistic ethnography in the UK and Europe.

We are very pleased to welcome Ben and to have this opportunity to discuss his work and linguistic ethnography more broadly with him.  

If you have any questions about the Q&A, or would like to submit a question for Ben anonymously in advance, please contact the LEDS co-ordinator Dr Judith Reynolds (