Enforcement of EU Law: is there anything new under the sun? (PART 1) – Dr Melanie Smith and Dr Sara Drake

Posted on 5 September 2014 by Alison Tobin

There is little positive commentary in the media regarding the enforcement of EU obligations (or the EU more generally of course) despite the fact that member states’ infringements tend to undermine citizens’ rights: from air passenger rights to holiday pay, to clean beaches and cleaner air, EU enforcement has generally been a force for rights’
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Europe’s Nobel Prize. Deserved or Not?

Posted on 21 November 2012 by Alison Tobin

Centre for European Law and Governance – Round Table Speakers: Prof. Alistair Cole: ‘The European Union and the Reconciliation of Europe’ Prof. Jiri Priban: ‘Europe’s Perpetual Peace – Sweet Dreams and Graveyard Nightmares’ Prof. Urfan Khaliq: ‘The EU: promoting peace or its interests in the wider world?’ Prof. Stijn Smismans: ‘Why myths are good: the
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