The Language and Cognition Research Network, LACRE, was launched in 2015 to provide a forum and resource for cognitively and/or psychologically oriented approaches to the study of language processing at Cardiff University and in particular for researchers interested in using data-driven methods to test hypotheses about language processing. LACRE holds regular meetings which provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas with respect to our individual and joint research projects. Information about these events are listed on events page.

Postgraduate and research opportunities

We have a number of vacancies for new PhD students and other researchers interested in the area of Language and Cognition.   Please see below for links to more information about LACRE members and their research interests.

Current LACRE members

Michelle Aldridge, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Language and Communication Research
keywords: psycholinguistics, communication disorders, vulnerable people in the legal system, language processing

Lewis Bott, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff School of Psychology
keywords: language processing, scalar implicatures, figurative language (including metaphor and metonymy)

Lise Fontaine, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Language and Communication Research
keywords: functional linguistics, referring expressions, nominal grammar, language processing, corpus linguistics, systemic functional linguistics

Elizabeth Irvine, Lecturer, Philosophy
keywords: philosophy of psychology and neuroscience, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, philosophy of biology

Laura Gwilliams, Research Assistant, Neuroscience of Language Lab, New York University
keywords: spoken word recognition, neuroimaging, morphology, predictive mechanisms

Katy Jones, Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Language and Communication Research
keywords: reference, (in)definiteness, cohesion, coherence, inference, context

Alice Rees, Postgraduate Researcher, Cardiff School of Psychology
keywords: language processing and comprehension, pragmatics, imitation in language

David Schönthal, Postgraduate Researcher, Centre for Language and Communication Research
keywords: nominal constructions, construction grammar, corpus linguistics, categorization, context


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