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Work In Progress

ISRU Work-In-Progress Seminar Series Schedule Spring 2019

15 January 2019

ISRU Work-In-Progress Sessions 2019 – Wednesdays 16.00-17.30

(LAW 1.28, unless indicated otherwise)


31 January: Dr Christian Arnold, Dr Douglas Atkinson (Cardiff University) & Dr Carsten Schulz (PUC Santiago de Chile) – “Minimal Participation Criteria in International Treaties: Explaining Their Impact on Multilateral Cooperation”


6 February: Dr Hannah Hughes (Cardiff University) & Dr Alice Vadrot (University of Vienna) – “Conceptualising the Establishment of Intergovernmental Organisations: Learning from IPCC and IPBES”


13 February: Dr Peri Roberts & Prof Peter Sutch (Cardiff University) – “Interstitial Moral Reasoning and the Global Commons”


20 February: Prof Joe Maiolo (King’s College London) – “Rethinking the Origins of the Second World War”


6 March: Dr Huw Bennett (Cardiff University) – “British Military Strategy in Northern Ireland, 1966-75”


13 March: Dr Simone Tholens (Cardiff University) – “Knowledge Production and 21st century Interventionism: Security Assistance as a Global Assemblage”


20 March: Dr Elisa Wynne Hughes (Cardiff University), Prof Jutta Weldes and Dr Karen Desborough (University of Bristol) – “Negotiating the State through Everyday Security Governance: Street Harassment and Everyday In/Security Strategies in London and Cairo”


3 April: Dr Jennifer Allan (Cardiff University), Dr Timothy Cadman (Griffith University) and Dr Hayley Stevenson (University of Sheffield & Universidad Turcuato Di Tella) – “Incomplete Normative Diffusion: The Rise and Fall of Ecosystem Services”


10 April:Dr Sara Dezalay (Cardiff University) – “Africa’s Lawyers: From Imperial Legacies to the ‘New Extraction’ (1880s-2010s)”