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Mansur Ali – Organ Donation and You

18 April 2023

On Sunday 12 March 2023, the British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) premiered its first movie on organ donation and Islam. The panel included transplant surgeons, organ transplant patients, nephrologists, organ donation activists, and myself, acting as the Muslim theologian on the panel. Many questions were raised by members of the public related to the law, process, procedure and Islamic theology.

Some of the questions related to Islamic theology included how much autonomy do humans have over their body? If the body belongs to God, then how is one able to donate it?

Below is a link to the video titled, ‘Organ Donation and You: Save a life, save humanity’.

Dr Mansur Ali is Senior Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Cardiff University, with the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK. His research interests follow two strands: Hadith Studies and Practical Theology, with an emphasis on bioethics.