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Dim ond yng Nghaerdydd

We're Going to be Medic Parents!

14 Gorffennaf 2014

Hello everyone! I hope you are all still enjoying your well-deserved summer holidays, and that the weather is brighter, sunnier and more cheerful wherever you are… (As in Cardiff well, it’s currently raining!)

Now since I lasted posted anything on here I’ve actually had some really exciting news! That come the new academic year, I’m going to be a committee member of MedSoc, standing as the year 2 welfare rep, (Thank you to everyone who voted for me!) So I thought I would explain the kind of things MedSoc do here at Cardiff University, and what to expect from them if you find yourself doing medicine here!

MedSoc is Cardiff Uni’s Medical Society which is run by medical students for medical students. The society has a committee consisting of all the roles you would probably expect (president, vice president, treasurer…) but it also has representatives from each of the five years for welfare, socials and academia.

So the academic team in MedSoc are super super important, and they are involved with meeting up with members of the medical school staff to discuss everything from the running of the course to student opinions and suggestions. They are also incredibly handy for reminding you about revision sessions in the run up to the exams!

Next we have the welfare team, and I promise I am not biased towards them just because I’m going to be a member of it next year! So the members of the welfare committee are there for medical students who need support. Examples may include concerns about workloads (as we all know medicine can get pretty stressful at times!), housing issues and worries about exams and extenuating circumstances. The welfare team in MedSoc are always happy to help and listen to any problems you may be facing during your time at medical school.

So the next team I’m going to mention are some of the most well-known members of your year group! You would do well to not know their names right from day one as they organise all of our socials as a year (and are the people you need to find in order to buy the tickets!) The social team are responsible for our socials and never fail to conjure up new and inventive themes and events for us to look forward to after a long week of teaching.

At this point a quick shout out to Robyn and Cheryl who were our social reps in year 1, I’m sure the whole year will back me up in thanking you for giving up your time to organise some awesome nights out for us!

Now as future freshers one thing which is really pretty awesome about Cardiff MedSoc is that they run a parent scheme. What this basically means is that in your first week here at Cardiff you will be introduced to your medic mums and dads who are second years, and your medic brothers and sisters, who are members of your year.

Your medic family is a great way to meet people on the course really early on, one of my medic sisters Becky is now one of my best friends! And having medic parents means you have a student which has just done what you will be going through, so they are great for answering your questions, giving you valuable revision tips and telling you everything will be fine when you get stressed out! I myself had lovely medic parents, well medic mums in fact… I had six! They were really supportive throughout the year and we still get on so well and keep in touch, it was just the other day we were discussing how excited they were to expand our family with the grandkids coming our way in September!

Now before I shoot off, I also had some more really happy news in the last week. Results are in and I’m pleased to say that I have passed my first year of medical school! YAY! I can now really enjoy my summer (as I’m a bit of a worrier and one of those people who struggles to forget about the exams once they are done!) So I’d like to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS! To everyone else in my year who is celebrating their results! We are now officially 20% doctors! Well sort of…!

Speak to you soon!