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Byw oddi cartrefClybiau a chymdeithasauDim ond yng NghaerdyddMynd allan


17 Medi 2014

Welcome to all new Freshers!

Today is the official start of the moving in period (and technically Fresher’s) so I am going to share a few hints and tips from my first week..

1) Get involved
The best thing about Fresher’s is the huge range of activities that is available; all the societies want people to join them and so run free or discounted sessions. In fact, the Union has now started the ‘Give It A Go’ Initiative which means even more societies will be doing free stuff. Free stuff is always good.

2) Go to Fresher’s Fayre
There is always tons of free stuff (usually food, yum!) and all the societies are there. This year there are two days, Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd. Some societies will be at both days, but most stalls will change so if you don’t find something you like or want to sign up to on Monday, come back on Tuesday!

3) Attend the Intro lectures
Yeah you might think they’re boring and sometimes they’re at the most inconvenient times, but lecturers plan them for a reason. It’s a good chance to meet people on your course and find your department before you start lectures the following week. Also you usually get useful stuff like timetables and find out who your lecturers are. In Physics, you get free food too 😉

4) Explore Cardiff
There are some really beautiful spots in Cardiff, and one of the best ways to get to know a new city is to get thoroughly lost and investigate. Some of my personal favourite spots are Roath Park and Mermaid Quay. Techniquest is also in Mermaid Quay, and for an enthusiastic Physicist it is a gold mine of awesome.

5) Go out
There are lots of very good pubs and clubs around in Cardiff, and investigating them with your new friends and housemates can be fun and a good way to get to know people better. Having said that, if you’re more comfortable in your own habitat, try number 6…

6) Bring shareable food
Food is always good, and is double-y good if you can share it. Being able to invite people back to your flat for tea and cake (or coffee and biscuits, whatever) is a sure fire way to get friends. And, as my sister said to me just before I left last year, if you don’t manage to find friends quickly, at least you have cake.

7) Try new things
Related to getting involved, but slightly different. Try something you wished you’d done when you were younger, try something you’ve never heard of, or just try something that sounds like fun. You can join as many societies as you like, so go crazy! You can always drop the ones you decide against later.

8) Have fun!
Going to uni is meant to be fun, so make it your experience.

If you have any questions, things you wanted to know or just want to say hi, message me on here or on our Facebook page. Have fun, Freshers!