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Dim ond yng Nghaerdydd


8 Rhagfyr 2014

Studying over the Christmas break can be seriously hard. Not only are you tempted by mince pies, festive parties and loads of really good telly, but you’ve probably just finished a really tough semester of coursework deadlines.

However for most, essays due in at the start of next term, or exams to revise for is inevitable, and it’s important to keep that student momentum going when you return home.

Here are my top tips to make it just that bit easier.

1. Take out any books that you need from the library before you go home. Make sure you think about all the assignments you are planning to do over break, and take out relevant books for each of them so you’re not stressing about trying to find them online – or even worse, not providing the right content for your essays.

2. Make a tight plan of what work you want to do and when, and stick to it! Write a list of priorities, make note of what you want to finish on which days, and work through it. Make sure to plan in some rest days too; after all, winter break is also for you to relax a little and spend time with family and friends.

3. Ask questions to your lecturers and supervisors before you go on break – because let’s face it, they’ll be needing a rest too. Look through all the assignments and revision that you need to do and plan ahead any questions you might encounter when embarking on your task.  Ask the relevant people these questions now, as they are going to be harder to get a hold of once you are on break.

4. The toughest assessments over the Christmas period have to be group projects, so make sure you all meet up before everyone goes home, distribute tasks and establish the easiest way to stay in contact (everyone loves a Facebook group, right?)

5. Create a study space at home. One of the first things you should do is set up an area of your house, preferably not in your bedroom, whether it be the dining room table, the study or the breakfast bar, and use it for university work only. This way you’ll be less distracted when working on your uni stuff, but at the same time can remove yourself from that space for a break. It’s so tempting to get in the habit of slumping on the sofa with your laptop all day – but trust me, before you know it, you’ll have hit New Year and done nothing!

6. Keep in touch with your course mates! Everyone will be stressed at some point over the holidays about university work and will undoubtedly need someone else to talk to. Ask those friends questions on the odd occasion (don’t pester though…) and make sure you’re there to help them out and hopefully in return they’ll do the same.

7. ENJOY CHRISTMAS! It’s the best time of the year and if possible you want to try and avoid doing a ton of university work whilst you’re at home getting into the festive spirit. Become a recluse for the last week of term, as hard as it may be, and try and get as much done as possible. Perhaps stay at university for an extra couple of days than planned to try and get most done – or plan to come back earlier than normal.