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Dim ond yng Nghaerdydd

21 (or maybe 19) Questions

24 Hydref 2014

So, one of Cardiff Uni’s open days is coming up (tomorrow, actually!) and I was thinking about my experiences with the myriad of open days I went to in years 12 and 13. One of the things I can remember very clearly is that I was completely overwhelmed, and- knowing that uni was going to be very different from any of my previous academic experiences- didn’t really know what to ask in the lecture-things that the departments very helpfully hold. Therefore, I have written a list of questions that I wish I had asked when I went to an open day. Feel free to ask any of these when you visit, and if you’re not visiting Cardiff I will be answering them next time (from a Physics perspective, obviously..!)

About the Uni – ask these in the Union, or to the students in the department
1) What opportunities are there for (insert your favourite activity here!)
2) How many societies are there, and what is the average cost to join them?
3) If I am not interested in drinking, what will be offered to me in my Freshers week?
4) If I find I am struggling or I get homesick, who can I turn to for support?

About the Course
5) What makes your course different from any others in the country?
6) What is the coursework/exam breakdown for each year?
7) How are the years structured?
8) How many hours outside of the lectures would I expected to work per module, and how many modules are there?
9) Will I be expected to buy my own core textbooks, or will they be provided?
10) How many people will be on my course, and how is that split gender-wise?
11) How many contact hours will I get a week?
12) How are tutorials structured? How many people will be in them?

About Accommodation- ask at each Halls you visit
13) How many can be accommodated in each residence?
14) Who is guaranteed accommodation?
15) Where is the laundry room and the reception?
16) Approximately how long would it take to walk from here to: a. town, b. the course building (insert whichever you are interested in here!)
17) Which GP am I going to be expected to register at, and will I have a choice?

For any disabled students
18) What provision will I be able to get from the University?
19) If I have specific exam needs, will I be able to continue as per my care plan from Sixth Form?


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