Dysgu Wyneb-yn-Wyneb ar Gampws COVID-Ddiogel

Posted on 14 Rhagfyr 2020 by Shôn

Helo, Shôn ydw i, croeso i fy mlog cyntaf ar y safle hon. Rwyf fel arfer yn astudio Meddygaeth, ond y flwyddyn hon rydw i’n gwneud gradd ymsang mewn Ffarmacoleg rhwng y drydedd a’r bedwaredd flwyddyn o’r cwrs Meddygaeth. I’r rhai ohonoch sydd ddim yn gwybod, mae gradd ymsang yn fath o radd ychwanegol mae
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5 things I learnt in my first year

Posted on 8 Rhagfyr 2020 by Ayushi

Attending lectures are better than listening to them later As much as it was a struggle to get to lecture after a night out, at the end of my first year I realised that I did indeed learn and remember more while I attended lectures in person than when I tried to re-watch them later. In this remote learning environment, I
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Heath Park Campus

Posted on 4 Rhagfyr 2020 by Jess

I can remember when I started university and it was like a maze, it took me a few weeks to learn where everything was. Due to COVID-19 and people having more online lectures, going into campus and working out where everything is will take a bit longer. I thought this blog would be helpful to
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A Day in the Life of a Student: Lockdown Edition

Posted on 1 Tachwedd 2020 by Ellie

As the world continues to change all around us, students have been forced to adapt and navigate the academic world in an entirely new way. Whilst previously, a student’s day would have been filled with in-person lectures, study power hours at the library, and an evening drink at the pub with friends, the reality at
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Making the Jump from First Year to Second Year

Posted on 1 Hydref 2020 by Ellie

Making that often anxiously anticipated jump from a fresher to a second year is a fairly big moment in any student’s life. However, despite it being the first time that your work fully counts towards your final degree grade, it is not something to lose sleep over! Here are some of the main differences between
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Creating a Balanced Lifestyle whilst Learning Online

Posted on 19 Medi 2020 by Ellie

Learning online has a ton of advantages with attending lectures in your pyjamas being just one of them. However, as we all begin to navigate this crazy new world we are finding ourselves in, the necessity of taking care of our mental wellbeing in the form of a balanced lifestyle is as important as ever.
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Managing Online Lectures

Posted on 28 Mai 2020 by Rowenna

Thanks to Covid-19 and the government enforced lockdown, university systems and how lectures are delivered have been impacted in universities up and down the country. For many, this has meant online lectures, and it’s likely that some lectures may still be online for the 2020/21 year starting in September. While online lectures are certainly different, they really
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