5 simple dinners for people who cannot cook

Posted on 26 Mai 2021 by Miah

Before you got to uni, you most likely never had to cook every meal for yourself but once you are moved in , you’re faced with needing to do all the cooking! Here are 5 easy dinner recipes for people who cannot cook or fins it difficult to come up with ideas. Tomato pasta and
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Cheap and Easy Vegan Uni Lunches

Posted on 10 Chwefror 2021 by Miah

Here are 5 super quick and delicious vegan lunches to make at university! The classic – avocado on toast What you’ll need: 2 slices of bread vegan Vitalite spread (optional) 1 whole or half of a ripe avocado (75p from Lidl!) sprinkle of salt sprinkle of pepper any snacks to add to the side Whilst
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Books to help you survive university

Posted on 16 Medi 2020 by Jess

I have found so many books useful whilst at university, and wanted to inform prospective students about these.  One main factor of moving away from home is cooking. There are so many different student cook books available. I have brought so many different ones, although before buying these I would have a look in them
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5 Top Tips on How to be Vegan at University

Posted on 7 Mehefin 2020 by Henry

1. Meal plan Having a meal plan is very important, especially if you’re now cooking for yourself regularly for the first time. Make a list for the next few days of food you want to cook, and buy fresh ingredients that will last you for those meals. 2. Batch cook and freeze meals Cooking can
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5 Cheap and Healthy Meals

Posted on 18 Ebrill 2020 by Rowenna

 Cheap Meals to Cook without missing out on juicy flavours  Being a student is tough, you have to juggle your finances and social life. Where does food fit into all of that? Dominoes or Fam Fish. Take away, or even just weekly Tesco shops can really affect your budget. Home cooking is the answer; not only is it a great skill to have, but it is
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How to manage your money at university!

Posted on 19 Mawrth 2019 by Phoebe

You’ll realise very quickly that money is a big talking point at Uni. It is a slightly different experience coming from Guernsey, as you don’t get student finance and most Uni’s charge slightly higher tuition fees. This can often put Channel Island students in a harder situation, with many students deciding they need to work
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What I Eat at University

Posted on 20 Medi 2018 by Gee

Amongst all the new things that abruptly come into your life when starting University, cooking was probably one of the scariest for me. If cooking is not a skill one already possesses when starting University, it is something you definitely need to learn. Do not worry if all you’re eating for the first few weeks
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Cooking in uni

Posted on 23 Awst 2018 by Tamzin

When I started in first year I was a pretty inexperienced cook, there was lots of boiling potatoes and eating junk. Freshers was an exciting time of newfound independence and this means doing your own food shops. Like most people at uni I was food shopping for myself for the first time. It’s important to
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