Hi I'm Miah! I am a first year BA Media and Communications student from Bournemouth, England. I hope my blogs and vlogs can help you familiarise yourself with university life, so you feel at home once you get to Cardiff. I will also be available on Unibuddy so don't be afraid to message me any questions you may have.

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How to do well in your work experience interview

Posted on 30 Gorffennaf 2021 by Miah

Work experience looks great on your CV, not only that but it can help you decide what field of work to go into, and find your niche. Cardiff University can help you find work experience and internships, so finding them isn’t too difficult, securing them is the hardest part. This blog will outline how to
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The Best Vegan Cafes/Restaurants in Cardiff

Posted on 7 Gorffennaf 2021 by Miah

Throughout my first year of university, I visited a few and ordered from a range of restaurants that have great vegan options! My favourite place to order from was by far Barburrito. They had incredible range for meat eaters and vegans alike. It was very easy to order online on Deliveroo with the drop down
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Supermarkets in Cardiff!

Posted on 16 Mehefin 2021 by Miah

Shopping for yourself is something new you have to do at uni, in this blog, I will break down all the available supermarkets that are near the Cardiff University residence halls! There are five main supermarkets that are close to the accommodations and multiple Co-ops and little Tescos. Most accommodations are very close to the
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What to do when you don’t want to go out

Posted on 2 Mehefin 2021 by Miah

Enjoying your own company. Sometimes, there can be a big emphasis on going out and drinking at university. Club culture and drinking culture is not for everyone and most days I don’t want to be in a bar drinking alcohol into the early hours of the morning. I’d much rather stay in and enjoy my
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5 simple dinners for people who cannot cook

Posted on 26 Mai 2021 by Miah

Before you got to uni, you most likely never had to cook every meal for yourself but once you are moved in , you’re faced with needing to do all the cooking! Here are 5 easy dinner recipes for people who cannot cook or fins it difficult to come up with ideas. Tomato pasta and
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How to unwind after exams

Posted on 12 Mai 2021 by Miah

I am lucky enough to have finished all my assignments for university this year but I know many uni students are still doing exams and many A-Level students are also doing exams. During exam season, it can be difficult to focus on anything other than exams and you may find yourself not being able to
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