Hi! I'm Jess, a 2nd Year Occupational Therapy student. I can’t wait to start writing blogs on my student experience at Cardiff University. I love Cardiff, it is such a welcoming city and has perfect spots to take visitors and friends. I really enjoy tap dancing and was so excited when I found out I could carry this interest on with the Broadway Dance Society at university. If you have any questions about my student experience, please feel free to message me through the UniBuddy service!

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A day in a life of an Occupational Therapy Student

Posted on 13 February 2020 by Jess

As an Occupational Therapy student at Cardiff University, we have a mixture of university days and days where we’re on placement. If you’re hoping to study Occupational Therapy at university, this blog post about my experience as an Occupational Therapy student will help you to know exactly what to expect.  University Days  Our university day
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