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Top 10 Student Valentines Ideas

It’s that time of the year again, and you’re lucky enough to have a significant other. The day is yours, but what are you going to do to make the most out of it? There is so much pressure to have a good valentine’s day if you are in a couple, that sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming. 

Here is a guide to some of the best places to spend your Valentine’s day.  

1. Barry Island 

If it’s a sunny day (I mean it’s Wales so it’s not a high probability) you could retrace the steps of Gavin and Stacy. A nice walk on the beach and fish and chips? Doesn’t that sound nice. Low key but still special, how often have you really been to Barry Island despite its proximity? 

2. Breakfast at Early Bird Café  

They really do have the best breakfasts it’s true. Although quite spenny, it’s valentine’s day! Treat yourselves. With every option from ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ to Blackberry cheesecake doughnuts you can satisfy a savoury or sweet tooth.  

3. Mini Golfing  

St David’s centre is home to some fantastic mini golf called ‘Treetop Adventure Golf’. At only £7.50 for students, what better way to start your date off? You don’t need to book you just have to turn up (remember your student card to get the student price!) and if you turn up before midday you get two courses for the price of one. On a scale of one to ten I would rate this mini golf course a strong 9, hard but not too hard, crazy but not too crazy. 

4. Cinema  

A classic. Cineworld or VUE, that is the question. Make sure you look up the prices of the specific film you want to watch at both as sometimes the one is way cheaper than the other. There are some QUALITY films out at the moment too so do have a look. I know you’re probably students too so make sure to grab your snacks and drinks before you get to the cinema unless you really want to splash out! There’s a SPAR just around the corner of the Vue and a Tesco just around the corner from Cineworld!  

5. Drinks at the Dead Canary 

Cardiff’s secret bar. Yes, you’ve probably never seen it, but that is because it is hidden in the depths of Cardiff behind a ‘fire door’. Tucked neatly away on Barrack Lane, this venue is insane. A reservation is essential. Reminiscent of the speakeasys of the past, the Dead Canary is full of aesthetic black and white photos and is completely lit by candlelight. How romantic.  

6. Cardiff Bay – Restaurants and Glee Club Comedy  

Home to chain restaurants like Wagamama’s, Bills, Las Iguanas and of course Nando’s. It is also the home to Glee Club. This venue boasts not only a night of fabulous comedy (Don’t be put off if you don’t like Glee, it’s nothing to do with the show) and you can even get dinner with your ticket! On the 14th this year there is ‘Friday night Comedy’.  

7. Kongs 

Fancy a chill evening of alcohol and retro arcade games? Here you go! From Foosball and Table Tennis to Street Fighter and Mario, there’s something for everyone. This bar is one of my favourite places, it has a very atmospheric feel being underground. Kongs also has a photobooth for you young romantics to get a cute photo.  

8. Science Cream 

Nitrogen ice cream. Yeah you heard correctly. Situated in Cardiff’s picturesque Castle arcade, Science Cream is Wales’ one only nitrogen ice cream parlour. They also do nitrogen desserts, so if you fancy a gooey homemade cookie or a banana split this place is for you. 

9. Escape Rooms 

Maybe the mushy date ideas aren’t your cup of tea. Maybe double date (cheaper with more people) and go to Cardiff’s escape rooms. Whether you want a Sherlock, The Tomb, The Heist theme, Zombies, Sci-Fi or a Serial Killer theme – you have 60 minutes to escape.  

10. If none of these hit the spot what about a home cooked meal 

If you are maybe a bit too close to having used up all of your student loan already, what about cooking a nice meal together? This is not only cheap but also fun. Have a little browse on BBC Good Foods or if you’re a fresher (or took the book at the end of the year) why don’t you try one of the recipes in the MOB cooking book the university provides in your accommodation.  

Whether or not you fancy a romantic meal, cute cocktail or a thrilling adrenaline filled valentine’s day, I hope you enjoy!  


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