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A typical day in the life of a student


The cornerstone of student life has to be lectures.

The amount of these that you have is very much dependent on your course. Mine for instance, Journalism and Communications, has 9 hours of lectures and seminars every week. This may not seem a lot compared to something like medicine, however, a primary element of my course is based on independent study and research. This is why you are more likely to find me in the library than the lecture hall.


After a good old lecture or seminar session, it’s time to hit the library. There are a number dotted all over the Cardiff campus but my favourite has to be Bute. Whether you prefer a group revision session with friends or to isolate yourself to get in the zone in complete silence, there are study spaces to cater for all.

I personally find working in the library easier as I am away from all other distractions that I would otherwise have in my room. Plus, if I need a book, I can go fetch one as and when!

Check out my previous post all about the best study spaces in Cardiff.


After I have got my uni work out the way, I will sometimes do some work for a few of the small part time jobs I have. This includes the blog work you are reading now. I also spend time working on my personal blog and being in my third year, trailing through graduate jobs… scary!!

Food Shop

I’m definitely a ‘one big shop’ kind of girl, so once a week I head down to Lidl/Tesco and do my food shop. This tends to include the standard student grub like pasta, microwave meals and frozen goods but I also try to cook at least three times a week too.


Not going to lie, I have only just joined the gym this academic year, but it is slowly becoming a part of my weekly routine. I realised that I needed sport as much for its physical benefits as its mental ones, and it is turning out to be a great release from uni work.

Many other students are also part of one of the hundreds of university sports teams which train on a regular basis so you will find this also is part of people’s regular day.

Cooking with housemates

As the day draws to a close, me and the housemates will usually get together and cook our food. Although it can get hectic at times, I find this a great way to wind down and de-stress!


Every Monday at exactly 5pm I am guaranteed a call from my Nan who makes sure a regular update of my life is part of her routine – cute, I know. However, as well as that, I try and make time to FaceTime my other family and friends a few times a week. This helps me keep in the loop at home and reduce any feelings of homesickness that may arise!

Night in or out?

Now that’s the question! I tend to stay in more than going out nowadays but I often go ‘out out’ around twice a week – whether that be for 2 for 1 cocktails or heading downtown. I also head out when one of the societies I am part of has a social on, which is always something to look forward to.

A typical night in for me would be a games night with my housemates, chilling with friends or snuggling into my duvet, watching Netflix and eating chocolate!


After all of that, it is then time for bed before another day of student life!


  • Francesca

    Brilliant blog post. It sounds like you have developed a good work/life balance with your studies. It’s great that you’re enjoying working out and so nice that you manage to keep in touch with your family regularly.

  • Amanda Clarke

    It’s quite a lot of work and responsibility for one day! Where would I get the energy to go to the gym after the lectures? Usually, my day is made up of studying, assignments, finding a place to eat, and having a rest watching my favorite shows. It happens, of course, that every few weeks I can go out for a walk with friends on weekdays in the evening, but it is rare. I’m still looking for a balance between study and everyday life.

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