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Internship Summer Plans

As the end of term draws to a close for the year, it is time to start thinking about this year’s summer plans!

Last year I spent my long break across the other side of the world volunteering in Fiji which you can read all about here

However, this year I am definitely starting to think to the future as my third (and last) year approaches. I am lucky enough to have secured three internships for the summer with two being in marketing and the other in PR. This will be great experience for me especially with the prospect of potentially being in full time employment next year. Very scary indeed. I have decided against doing a masters which means my uni bubble is soon going to burst.

I know a lot of my friends are also spending their summer getting relevant work experience which is definitely a productive way of using our 3/4 months off. The thought of this being my last is heart-breaking but I am grateful for this time which allows me to get crucial experience in competitive industries that I want to enter.

Alternatively, I also know people who are going to be travelling over the summer months like I did last year. This is also great and long breaks like this definitely have to be taken advantage of.

So there you have it. I will be interning until my final return to Cardiff in September. I can’t wait to be back in my second home, but I am also no way going to be wishing the summer away anytime soon!


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