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My Final Year as an undergraduate at Cardiff University

As I currently do not know where I shall be studying my master’s degree next year, this present academic year at Cardiff University is my last! I am a third year Journalism and Communications student and I will be graduating in July 2019. Cardiff University has been so much fun over the past two years and as this one shall be last (as planned for now), I intend to spend it doing everything I have loved in Cardiff and the University since I started. For this blog, I thought I should share with you some of the things I’ll be looking forward to over the next academic year, old and new things, so you can look forward and enjoy them also.

1. The New JOMEC Building: this will be the first year that JOMEC (Journalism, Media and Communication) students will be studying in the new building, Two Central Square. It looks extremely impressive from what I have seen so far and has far more space than our old location, The Bute. I cannot wait to start receiving my lectures in the new halls and benefit from the new building.

2. Winter Wonderland: my favourite event of the entire year at Cardiff. It is located in front of City Hall and is a completely beautiful, wintery event. You can go ice skating, go on rides, drink hot chocolate or steins and just enjoy that Christmas spirit. As winter is my favourite season you can guarantee I’ll be here as much as I can, as well as the Christmas Markets in the city centre. Everything Christmas-filled should be open around the second week of November until the end of December.

3. Varsity 2019: If you do not know what Cardiff vs. Swansea varsity is, where have you been? This is a yearly sporting event between Cardiff and Swansea University, where we compete across a variety of different sports from basketball to archery. This year Varsity will be in Cardiff and will be taking place around April. I love Varsity because it’s the one event where the whole University gets together and shares our love and support for Cardiff. It’s a fun event for all your friends to go to and I will be gutted that this will be last one!

4. Dissertation: I understand that this is a weird thing to be excited about, but I am looking forward to finishing my dissertation and being able to say, “I’ve done it!” It is going to be such a rewarding and satisfying feeling to know I have completed a dissertation during my time at Cardiff University. There is so much work to do until I can feel like that way, especially considering I haven’t officially started yet! But I look forward to the day where it’s printed and ready to hand in.

5. Graduation: This will of course be one of the highlights of this year. I will be putting on my graduation robes and taking pictures in front of City Hall in the coming July month. I am so scared and excited at the same time to be graduating. I will have worked for three years to get to this point. Having watched students graduate this year, I know the event is a special day filled with lots of celebrations, so I am looking forward to that day coming!

These are only a few things I’ll be looking forward to this year, as Cardiff of course has so many things for students to do like the student lock-in, Halloween events, music events, etc. I wish I could go back and be a first year student so I can enjoy everything all over again!


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