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Cooking in uni

When I started in first year I was a pretty inexperienced cook, there was lots of boiling potatoes and eating junk. Freshers was an exciting time of newfound independence and this means doing your own food shops.

Like most people at uni I was food shopping for myself for the first time. It’s important to eat a balanced range of food, I mean that’s what your mum will probably tell you on move in day.

For any first years I would encourage relishing in your independence but remembering to eat proper food including some veg (it’ll make you feel like a real adult).

Tesco express is quite close to Taly accommodation but also Lidl in Cathays is a great place for a food shop, although only buy as much as you can carry depending on where you live!
Doing bulk cooking within your accommodation makes things easier. It is also a great way to bond with your housemates! Joint meals, whether it’s a Sunday roast or something as simple as fajitas act as a great ice breaker. The best joint meals I cooked with my housemates were Christmas dinners, in first, second, and even third year when we actually splurged and bought a turkey to ram in the oven.

A last point to remember about food when it comes to housemates is to ask permission if you want to use something of theirs, and make sure to think about whether a person is vegan or vegetarian before cooking chicken breast in their pan.
If all else fails a flat takeaway is always a good shout, dominos is open until 5 freshers.


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