• PINO

    Hello Dan,
    Thank you for your videos and explanations about the fresher week 🙂 very helpful

    I am undergraduate and the 24th of septembre is my start date and I have few questions for which you may help me.
    1)- when starts the fresher week : before the 24/09, or after (and when?) ?
    2)- When do you advice me to arrive in Cardiff ? the 23/09 ? before ?
    3)- Which administratif actions I will have to do & When ?
    4)- When start lecturers ? (the 24th, october, ?)

    With my thanks

    • Dan

      Hi Gauthier, thanks for the comment and questions.

      A lot of you questions should be answered by information sent to you by the university prior to your enrollment, mostly by email. But you can find a lot of good information here.

      From what I can see online freshers week is from Wednesday 19th to Saturday 29th September, with most of the events being in the week before the 29th. I always suggest moving in as early as you possible so that you have plenty of time to get settled in and to make events. The earliest date in which you can move in should be available to you via your accommodation information, check your emails for that. However, you can usually move in from the start of freshers.

      This page will give you all the information regarding the admin tasks you have to complete once you arrive, I suggest giving it a good read :).

      From what I remember you will have some important admin/housekeeping/health & safety lectures during freshers week with lectures starting the week after the 29th, but you might want to double check this :).

      I hope i’ve helped you!

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