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Moving Out Day

So the time has come. After a memorable and brilliant first year at Cardiff University it is time to begin the mammoth task of packing up my hordes of possessions to take back home. The question I am asking myself is how can I possibly have even more stuff now compared to when I first moved in?! Surely I didn’t have this much stuff to begin with!!!

Like many freshers, over-packing is inevitable. Because of this, when you come to pack your stuff up at the end of the year, you are guaranteed to be met with the huffing and puffing of parents saying “this is ridiculous! You must have more stuff than anyone else here by a mile”. Okayyyy maybe I am now starting to regret bringing 50 nail varnishes and 11 coats (true story) but hey, I thought they’d be useful! Subsequently, I thought I’d share some tips for when you undertake the task of packing up. I can assure you, I am pretty suited for the job. Mum and Dad, maybe you were right. After filling a gigantic car completely to the brim I will admit, I did have too much stuff after all…

  1. Make sure you have plenty of boxes, bags and suitcases

I found that Ikea bags were extremely useful as they are very sturdy and you can pack a lot into them.

  1. Check List

The university will issue you with a check list a month or so before your lease ends. This is helpful for guiding you how to leave the halls in a good condition without getting a fine. You may also find it useful to make your own checklist so you feel on top of the task ahead.

  1. Keys

If you are leaving earlier than when your lease ends then make sure you have handed back your key in order to avoid any unnecessary fines.

  1. Make sure housing for next year is sorted

I doubt anyone would do this but it would be no good if it comes to second year and you don’t have any accommodation properly secured. Check with your estate agent that everything is in order and you have decided a time that you are going to pick up your keys.

  1. Eat up all your food

A student rarely leaves anything to go to waste so be sure not to over buy food in the last few weeks of  uni.

  1. Try and get your parents to pick you up

A train journey with my extreme excesses of things would have been impossible so I was lucky that my parents could bring up a car to cram my stuff in. This saved a lot of stress and energy so try and persuade yours to do this a few months in advance.

  1. Sort things between storing for next year, keeping, throwing or donating

Organisation is key.

  1. Take all the rubbish out

This includes both your room and your kitchen.

  1. Redirect your mail

You definitely don’t want any important documents getting lost in the post!

  1. Update your term time address on the university online application portal (Sims)

Change it to the address that you are moving into in year two so the university knows where you will be living.

  1. Register as a temporary patient at your home GP

I had to do this upon coming back home in order to get some injections for my summer volunteering project. It also means that I will be covered in case I get ill at any point.

  1. Pack in advance of the official moving out day

You don’t want to be leaving it all to the last minute as it is unlikely you will be able to pack up everything in very short space of time. Well, packing it in good order anyway!

  1. Pack in an organised way

This will save you a lot of stress and time when it comes to unpacking when you get home. It also means that you can sort through things that are going to be stored for next year or used over the summer.


I hope this was helpful and all I can say is good luck!


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