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Finding Revision Motivation

It is so hard trying to find motivation to revise for these last few exams. The end of University is so tantalisingly close – I only have two exams this semester as I picked mainly coursework modules, my dissertation is handed in, and my last exam is in three days. I’m currently sat here writing my blog instead of revising, because it is just so hard to find the motivation. In a desperate attempt to fix my procrastination problem, I had a Google for some potential tips. So here are my (and Google’s) top motivation tips:

1. Break up your work. It is infinitely harder if you start the today with a long list of things to do. Break your tasks down instead, tell yourself you just have to read 5 pages, just have to watch 20 minutes, just have to write one paragraph etc. Then go from there. I’m currently avoiding my work because I keep telling myself I have to condensed my notes for three of my lectures by the end of the day, which is an overwhelming task. I’m trying to think of it on a smaller scale now, condense one page, and then the next etc.

2. Have breaks. This is so hard to do when you’re really stressed about work but it is so needed. It is so hard to stay focused on the same task for extended periods of time. If you don’t feel like you can treat yourself to an actual break, just change the task to something else productive (hence why I’m writing my blog instead of watching some TV, it’s still productive, so I don’t feel bad, but it gives me a much needed break from revision).

3. Focus on work. On the one hand it’s important to take care of yourself during the revision period. But equally, if you are struggling to motivate yourself to go to the gym and do work, maybe focus on the work. I’ve pretty much given up on my ‘summer body’ right now, until I’ve finished my exams, and it has certainly taken the pressure off.

4. Try not to think of the exam in terms of the bigger picture. So, I know that these exams don’t really count for much, compared to my Dissertation, which is definitely not helping my motivation. I know it can be hard to do but try to think of the exam as a standalone thing, don’t think about it in the context of your degree. This is an odd one, but I found that this motivates me quite a bit, when I stop going ‘oh well it doesn’t count for much’, I find that I am much more willing to sit down and work.

5. Use treats as an incentive. I like this one. If you know you need to get some work done, plan something as a treat if you succeed. You can go buy yourself that iced coffee if you watch a lecture, watch a film if you finish your revision for the day, have some chocolate if you manage to write a few paragraphs etc. I am much more motivated to work if food is involved.


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