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Cardiff University vs Swansea University Varsity tournament!

Another year goes by and another Varsity sadly passes us. Varsity, as you probably know already, is an annual sporting event between Cardiff and Swansea and it’s the second biggest Varsity behind Oxfordshire and Cambridge. Oxfordshire is where I am from, thus Varsity is always a big event for myself when it comes around in the second semester. It’s a great opportunity to take a day off, spend time with all your friends, watch some great sporting events and probably get a little bit competitive! There are a wide variety of events that take place at Varsity, which is just a small slice of all the societies Cardiff University has to offer. Some of these sports include swimming, archery, basketball, kickboxing and of course – rugby!

The atmosphere, however, is in my opinion the best part about Varsity. Hundreds of students fill the streets in red and green shirts and everyone is genuinely well behaved and there to have a good time. This year, Varsity was in Swansea, so many students rushed onto buses and trains in the early hours of the morning to ensure they didn’t miss any of their favourite events.

And of course, it’s only natural that Cardiff will be taking home the Varsity 2018 shield after a huge win of 26 games to 16. If you’d like to see a break down of all the scores and events, please follow the link below! https://welshvarsity.com/varsity-shield/

Please enjoy this short video of my experience at Varsity this year. It was hard to film all the events due to some capacity issues in Swansea, but it was still a great day for myself and my friends. I hope you’ll consider attending our next Varsity in 2019, and though I hate to be biased – we’ll probably win that one too!



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