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7 Ways To Spend Your Uni Holidays

Uni summer holidays are definitely something to treasure. With some people getting up to four months off, how will you spend yours?


There’s nothing more challenging and exciting than spending your summer giving back to the wider community. Being in the sun potentially half way across the world, plus having something to add to the CV doesn’t sound too bad at all.


Being blessed with such a huge amount of time off, this is the perfect opportunity to get that all important work experience. Plus you may even be able to get a paid – BONUS!


See the world, go backpacking, stay in dodgy hostels but have tons of fun whilst doing it. Make all your gap year friends jealous by showing them you can do both uni and travel.

Summer School

Plenty of universities in the UK and around the globe offer summer courses which can be either related or completely unrelated to your degree. The flexibility of the courses on offer means you are not short of options to boost your knowledge.

Classic Summer Job

Back to the grind of restocking shelves and serving pints down the local pub. However, that hard earned cash makes it all worth it when you are screaming the lyrics to your fave songs at the festival everyone wants to be at.

Having Fun, Doing Nothing and Having a Good Old Catch up with Friends

After all the exam stress, what better way to spend the summer than kicking back, relaxing and mentally preparing yourself for the impending stress of the next academic year. Soon you’ll be wishing summer really did never end.



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