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Commonly Asked Questions About Open Days!

University Open Days are an exciting opportunity to visit your potential first choice University and get your burning questions answered; as well as being able to take campus/accommodation tours, attend course-specific talks, learn about societies and Cardiff Student lifestyle in general! One of the best pieces of advice I can give to any potential student attending a Cardiff University open day is to ask questions. There will be plenty of Cardiff University staff and students (easily identifiable wearing Cardiff branded t-shirts!) to answer your questions, no matter how small or big. However, to perhaps make your open day a little easier, I have put together a list of frequently asked questions below so you can push the mundane things out of the way and really get to the good stuff when you attend our open day. If your question is not found below, do not worry, there will also be numerous links placed at the bottom of the article that can direct you to right place. Again, if you question is still not answered, do not hesitate to ask the students and staff at hand on our open day who are more than happy to listen to queries.

– Who can come to an open day?
There are no age limits on our Open Days. So whether you’re a prepared Year 11 or a nervous Year 13, everyone is more than welcome to attend our Open Day – there is something here for everyone.

– How do I book to come to an open day?
To attend our open day, you need to book a place at the following link: There is no required deadline to book these tickets and you can cancel at any time by visiting Eventbrite or by giving us a bell on +44 (0)29 2087 4455

– How long does the open day run for?

Our open days run from 9am-4pm, there is no required deadline for registration but you do need to bring your Eventbrite to register at the Main Building VJ Gallery. You do not need to attend the entire period of the open day, just whatever times suit you best! To find the Main Building please visit the following link:, but there will also be plenty of students and staff on site to help direct you.

– When will the programme of events be available?

Our programme will be available around two weeks before the open day. You will also be given an information pack on the day of registration, so if you’re feeling spontaneous about your open day plans, there is no need to worry.

– How do I find my way to Cardiff University? (+ parking)
Please go to the following link to find out different travel information about getting to Cardiff University safely and with ease: You can also find information about parking through this link under the ‘car’ tab

– What about hotels?

If you need to stay overnight, please use to following link to browse through some of the best hotels Cardiff has to offer, this is also the place to leave your luggage as we unfortunately do not offer our own holding place:

– Where are the best places to eat when I am here?
We have a lot of information our programmes about the best places to eat during your visit to our open day. Our Student Union offers a lot of food establishment places to suit everyone’s needs, including ‘The Taf’ (pub), Magic Wrap and Coffi Co. My personal favourite place to go for good is St Davids Food Court, which is only a short 10 minute walk! Further information can be found here:

– What do I do when I am there?
There are so many things you can do upon attending our open days. My advice would be to 100% take an accommodation tour, as one of the first things you’ll do upon receiving an offer from Cardiff University is to choose your accommodation and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared! We also offer campus tours, which are often carried out about student so you’ll have a great opportunity to ask further questions. I would also recommend going to course-specific talks as they’ll provide you with specific information about your desired degree, which often includes entry requirements, etc. Further information can be found in our programmes or by asking staff and students on site when you arrive!

– Can I connect to WIFI?

We offer a free WIFI service named, ‘CU-Visitor’ which will work around any Cardiff University Building. Cardiff also offers ‘Cardiff Street Wifi’ if you are exploring the city further.

– Advice for visitors with a Disability/Learning difficulty

Please go to the following link to read about all our disability and learning difficultly advice:

– Other opportunities to visit?

Can’t attend this open day? Do not worry at all, there will always be further opportunities to visit Cardiff University. Please use the following link to find out all our open day dates: to find out more.

I hope this article managed to ask some of the more basic questions you may have about our Cardiff University Open Days and helped you to prepare a little further. Apologies if none of your questions were answered, but there are plenty of opportunities to ask further questions if needed. Please feel free to use the comment section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or use the following link:


I wish you all the best with your open day visits and hope you enjoy yourselves. Cardiff University is a genuinely, great place to study, as you soon will see! 


  • Jackie Hogg


    My son Adam want to study sports science and went to open day at Cardiff University. But had only 2 hours to look around. Can he come up again and visit the University.

    Kind Regards

    Jackie Hogg

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