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Adjusting to Final Year

Adjusting to final year has been interesting. It feels a lot different to second year, and it definitely feels different to being on placement. I’m finding myself forgetting where to find everything, I even forgot my login for the computer in the first week, I’d been away from uni for so long.

The biggest issue I’m having in terms of adjusting, is just how important this year is. In all other years it was easy to say ‘oh well this piece only counts for a tiny percentage, so don’t panic’…but now I’m faced with my final year project, which is such a massive percentage. My mark in the FYP can drastically change my overall mark. Although this is so daunting, it is also kinda encouraging for me, as I was really ill during my second year exams and so my marks suffered, so I’m really hoping that I can use my FYP to boost my mark.

I’ve also been freaking out about not being on top of my reading, but then I realised I spent all of second year frantically juggling my coursework, my reading, and my attempts to understand lecture content. I hardly managed to stay remotely on top of the reading. So I really shouldn’t be freaking out about being a little bit behind. I’m taking my time to recap the lectures, which means I am understanding them so much more than I did in second year, and I’m spending quite a bit of time doing reading for my final year project. So it’s all good. Breathe Hope.

As well as the change in workload I’m adjusting to the exciting prospect of my FYP. I’m now going to regular meetings, discussing the project, having lab inductions, and health and safety inductions. It’s all very new. It is definetely a lot more exciting than the constant coursework and reading I experienced in second year!

Final year has however brought about the death of my social life. With everybody talking about graduate jobs and postgraduate study it’s hard to tear myself away from my work. I’m horribly aware that I have a small amount of time to gain even more experience, to make some decision about what I want to do, and to make sure I leave with a good degree. Eek.



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