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Let’s talk about CONFIDENCE

Oxford dictionary describes confidence as “A feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities”.
University life is great. It has the right atmosphere for people to become; more confident or less confident. What is confidence in reality though? Some people think confidence means being able to stand up for yourself. Being able to give speeches in front of an audience. Being able to do things others cannot do. Being unapologetically yourself. Other people think being confident means being strong, powerful and suppressing the weak. The same people may also think confidence means being blatant and inconsiderate when trying to put a message across.

Do you consider yourself a confident person? Personally, I am not even sure whether I am confident or not. I think I can wing public speaking but struggle with day to day tasks. I always feel shy when ordering my food. I had little confidence in my driving capabilities. However, I also enjoy sharing my life’s experiences with people. I enjoy speaking for what I think is right. I enjoy writing and I am not afraid to be controversial. Is that confidence? Probably.
Back to the topic. University has the right reactants to make a person become confident (positively). However, there is no method on how to carry out the confidence experiment. This means sometimes people end up with the wrong products e.g. overconfidence too much pride and the like. Perhaps you are reading this wondering how you can become confident without changing your core personality.

L- lOVE yourself and those around you. That way, whatever you do will not come across as negative or hurtful.
A- ACCEPT and embrace yourself. Accept who you are and embrace your nature. Be charismatic and do not be afraid of your;
U- UNIQUENESS. This is what sets you apart from the others. Share your unique views and be bold to act on them (in a respectful manner provided they are loving).
G- GROW. Confidence takes time. It does not come in one night. Confidence is a continuous process that develops and improves as you explore your options. With time you will realise, it is okay to have bad days. Bad days make good days even more enjoyable.
H- HOLD on to your dreams. If you have something in mind, do not let it go. Believe in yourself. You will get there. Yes, your dreams may change but that’s still okay. Trust yourself.

To become a more confident person, remember to LAUGH


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