Running a Society

So for the coming year, I’ve been nominated as Vice President of one of the many societies at Cardiff and I honestly have so much respect for those who run societies because there’s actually so much work that goes into it. So since I’ve been setting up my society for the most of this summer, here’s a few things you need to consider if you ever want to run a society.


So with my society, we relied on sponsors since we always re-invest into our members and never keep any money for ourselves. We were luckily contacted by a few companies so we had a starting point but if you don’t I recommend local restaurants and private student housing. Don’t just look for any sponsor, make sure that your society can still benefit from the sponsorship but also remember you have to be able to give back to the company/restaurant. The more membership offers and discounts you can get, the more intrigued people will be to join your event.


Most societies have a Facebook which helps bring your members together but Instagram and Snapchat can really up your game in promoting your society. Instagram allows you to post pictures from your events and keep members and non-members intrigued in what is going in while Snapchat (and Instastory) gives you a behind the scenes look of how the event is run 🙂

Freshers Fair

This is the ultimate promotion of your society and probably where you’ll get the most interest and signups from the student body. Make sure your stand is interesting not just pictures and a sign up sheet. Maybe have food (food is the best incentive for poor uni students :P) and drinks at the table for people. You can also DIY a society banner and create a game to play at your society stand to keep people interested for longer.


The last and most obvious thing is preparing for your actual events. Have your treasurer create a budget plan for the year so that you don’t spend over the required amount and have to cut back for other events. Things to think about for an event are location, date, length of event and what you will be doing. For the first few events of the semester they should allow people to get to know each other even if it’s through an awkward icebreaker.

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