Why Travelling is Important


I’ve been fortune enough to travel every summer during the school/university holidays and this year I was able to go back to two countries: Malaysia and Japan. Even though I’ve now travelled to both these countries twice, I definitely want to go back and explore more places in these beautiful countries. I believe travelling is very important as it widens your perspective in life while breaking down your prejudices you have about people from different countries. Recently one of my close friends had to drop out of university for a while due to having a mental breakdown about the amount of work she was doing and after travelling around South Asia, she honestly came back like a new person with a refreshed view of what’s really important in life. What you score in your exam will only give you so much satisfaction, you should always think about the bigger picture #cheesy


Travelling also helps you learn a lot about about yourself when put in unfamiliar situations. I’ve learnt that I’m the type that will plan every aspect of my holiday beforehand however it doesn’t always go to plan and I have to accept that my legs can’t keep going for 12 hours straight 😛 I get quite shy as well but I’ve learnt that when you’re a tourist in a different country, people are willing to help you as much they can and won’t judge you even when you’re asking silly questions. Learning also that there are different people from all walks of life who will hold different values to you doesn’t mean that their views are any less inferior to yours. Search for discomfort, it will help you grow!

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