After University, Dim ond yng Nghaerdydd

9 Questions about Cardiff

“University’s like this little world, a bubble of time separate from everything before and everything after.”

From the other side of the world, admittedly, it was difficult to feel a part of my graduation ceremony when watching via live stream – as brilliant as that service was. However, it did not stop my feelings for the three years that I have spent in the Capital of Wales.

I will leave with a degree but much more in my arsenal. There have been friends, societies, gigs, plays, sporting fixtures, difficulties with landlords and a hundred other moments that I shall prattle on about in years to come.

Here is a video that I hope reflects honest answers about my University experience. I did not rehearse anything about it. If I were given just five minutes to chat to the person next to me at the bus stop and they were to ask these questions, this is a test to see what I might come out with. I believe that it reflects well upon Cardiff University.

In leaving you as a student blogger I have attached a quote above, quote I believe to be very true. University offers you everything, it really does and sometimes admittedly, it can be a little too much to jump into from the off. However, with time, when the dust settles and your breaking bad poster is securely blu tacked onto your plaster board wall, you’ll realise with a new enthusiasm, that you have three years, a new city, new lecturers and new avenues to explore. So, take a chance on Cardiff – the capital with the most amicable  of atmospheres – and drink it in, because you’ll never be living inside with beautifully student shaped bubble again.

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