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Religion at university

I am going to use Christianity in this blog.

 Are you going to university this September and wondering whether it is possible to reconcile being a student and a Christian? Well here it is. Yes, you can be a Christian at university.  

Just under two years ago, the thought of starting university was super exciting. At the time, I was worried about what kind of activities I could do during fresher’s week as I did not drink alcohol or go clubbing. A quick search on the student’s union’s website allowed me to discover ‘Give it a go’. They organised activities such as tours of Cardiff and short trips to nearby beaches. In the end, I did not go for any of the activities. However, having that option available was very comforting.  Here is the link 

My search did not stop there. I searched for Christians associations in Cardiff and found Christian Union (CU). CU is amazing as students from different Christian denominations get to mingle, find friends of like minds and spread the gospel together. I deeply regret not getting involved in CU. Here is the link.

When I got to Cardiff, the first thing I did was look for my church. Thanks to google maps, that was easy and I was sat in church the following week. Some advice: if your home church has a branch in Cardiff, ask your home bishop/priest/pastor to put you in contact with the other branch. Seriously, it helps.  If your home church does not have a branch in Cardiff, look for a similar church to join. The worst thing you can do is isolate yourself because you cannot find your church. Again, if you feel lost or unsure about which church to go to, contact CU and they will help you feel part of the Christian family.

Here is a small list of things you can do to keep the fire burning within you whilst at university:

·         Read your scriptures

·         Appreciate nature

·         Love your neighbours and love yourself. If you fall into temptation, do not be too hard on yourself and fall into stress because of guilt. Learn to forgive yourself and love yourself. You are beautiful and special.

·         Mix with other students. It is quite easy to fall into the trap of not mixing with non-Christians/ non-religious people. Obviously if that’s what you did at home, it’s not my business to tell you should or shouldn’t do. However, there are so many beautiful souls out there who just want to get to know you.

·         Stay focused

·         Lastly, prayer. I found prayer very comforting in times of tribulation. I think being at university has genuinely taught me the power of prayer. Temptation is everywhere and praying daily and being thankful will keep you going during those rough days.

 Please note: this is my opinion and you do not have to do any of the things I have mentioned.  


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