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When I moved to Cardiff for my first year of University, it was a massive change for me. I moved 5 hours across the country, from York, which is pretty small, to Cardiff, the capital of Wales. I was terrified that I wouldn’t know my way around, or that there would be too much going on for me to keep up with. Obviously now I love how alive the city is, and I definitely don’t get lost, so it’s all good…but I thought I would give you freshers a little list of some great things to do in Cardiff, if you’re new to the city.

1. Urban Tap House. I love Urban Tap House. They have a massive selection of ales and ciders, and they are all delicious. I remember not long after I moved to Cardiff, a friend took me there and we had a Ghost Pepper Stout, it was great, and very hot. I’ve also heard that the food at Urban Tap House is great, although I haven’t checked it out for myself yet.
2. Escape Rooms. Recently the Escape Rooms opened in Cardiff. They are so much fun, and not too expensive if you go in a group. My friends and I did the Sherlock room and actually managed to make it out with a few minutes to spare!
3. The Dead Canary. This is a hidden speakeasy-type-bar that you have to find the entrance to. Once you’re inside you’ll be treated to live music and amazing cocktails. It isn’t the cheapest, but it’s definitely a great place to go if you’re new to Cardiff.
4. There are also loads of great restaurants. I especially love Crwys Road for all the little cafes and restaurants. I completely missed this in first year, so definitely have a wander and try some of the restaurants. The Hellenic Eatery, Stag Coffee, Mowgli’s, The Falafel Kitchen, The Pot Bistro are all great!
5. Cardiff Bay. Cardiff Bay is great place to go for the day, there is plenty to do and see. You should also try to catch a show at the Millennium Centre, if you like theatre.
6. I love being in Cardiff for many reasons, but the cheap cinema is a massive perk for me. Premiere Cinema only charges £4 a ticket, which is so much cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen. Great for movie lovers like me!
7. Festivals and Events. Cardiff is lucky to host a great number of events, my favourite being the Street Food Circus, which is actually on this weekend. If you happen to be in Cardiff I would recommend checking it out, I’ve been the last two years and it’s great (delicious) fun.


  • Tanner Jones

    Hey my name is Tanner Jones, i am a Junior at Kennesaw State University and i also follow you on twitter. I have a semester school project where i have to get to know another Psychology major that lives in a different country and ask all sorts of questions. I was wondering if you can help or know any other psychology major that is interested.

    • Hope

      Hi Tanner,

      Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been without internet for a while.
      I would be very happy to help, if you still need me?


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