Thriving During Exam Season

The time we have been dreading…. has finally arrived.

We are currently in the heart of exam season. Many of us are stressed and worried about what lies ahead. “Will I have to resit my exams? Will I even make it to the end of my exams?” Fear not dear friends, here are a few tips on how to survive exam stress.

1. Make a realistic study table. In my previous blog ( ), I mentioned how organising time is very important. Well that still stands during exam season. Try having something like the one below or download study plans on your mobile device. If your study table says you will be studying for 10 hours on Monday, do it. It is worth it. No pain, no gain 

2. Eat good food. Eating good food daily is very important. During exam season however, it is imperative you eat good food. If not, you will burn out. Try eating lots of fruit and vegetables. If you have been hanging out in ASSL, go to Lidl and buy fruit (stop buying croissants etc.).

Cooking good food is also important during exam season. However, cooking requires time and right now we do not have time right? Well here are two places that offer good food for good prices.

a) Saray Grill House . This is my personal favourite. I think I have ordered their food at least once a week since January.  I will not tell you what food they do, check it out for yourself.

b) Happy house. I ordered some BBQ ribs the other day and they lasted almost four days because the portions were so good.

c) Deli fuego . The food here is too good. Definitely order from here after having a bad exam.

3. Sleep. Many of us do not have time to sleep during exam season. Those 8 hours are too precious to waste on sleep right? Wrong. We need to sleep. Try and sleep for a minimum of 6 hours a day. 8 is ideal but 6 hours should be good.

4. Take a break. I don’t know why but sometimes I feel like taking a break during exam season is not easy. All I do is eat, sleep, pray, study repeat. When I say take a break I mean go for a walk, do some exercise, go for a bike ride. It is very refreshing. I will try and follow my own advice and see how it goes.

5. Do something spontaneous. Go to Paris for a day or something like that. Whoa, I am joking. Maybe not that spontaneous. Do something that makes you excited. That excitement will keep you energetic and motivated to study.

6. Ask for help. Do not be afraid to ask peers and lecturers for help. That is why they exist.

Best wishes everyone! Good luck.


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